As your child is growing and learning rapidly, it is high time to create a room for him to foster all of this. To design a toddler room with theme, you have to have the understandings of your toddler’s psychology as well as likings and disliking.

Although selecting a design for toddler’s room can be challenging but there are a number of toddler room themes that can freshen up your toddler’s room. Following are some smartest and secret ideas that can be used to decorate your toddler room.

Here are five amazing themes to decorate toddler bed room…

Superhero Theme

Who doesn’t want to be a Superhero?? Superheroes are the fantasy of everyone during toddler and childhood and sometimes in adulthood. So superhero theme can be smart choice for your toddler’s room design.

First, you have to understand which superhero your toddler like then you can either have the wall’s painted or put a bright color on the wall that best matches to his favorite superhero. Chose the bedspreads and blankets displaying his favorite Superhero doing action or line up with fellow action figures. Superhero toys are another element to décor his room. And also a cap with Superhero logo or a mask (hardly any superhero who doesn’t have a mask) hanging on the wall or in bedpost increases the beauty of the room.

Princess Theme

Becoming a princess is the dream of every little girl. So why not make your girls dream come true by designing a room with princess theme.

To decorate toddler girl room with the princess theme, paint the wall with soft pink, purple, yellow and light blue. You can also use a splash effect to make it more rea. Or add mural that reflects castle and other symbols related to a princess.

By painting you make a princess room for your toddler but what about her bed? Pick a bed with castle headboard or chose a bedcover that displays your toddler’s favorite princess character. And last but not the least complete the design with some dainty accessories such as decorative lamps, lace curtains and posters in glass frames.

Race Car Theme

Is your child loves racing and always excited to be a formula one racer? Meaning of that your toddler is very fond of racing car or car racing (Both can be true). Then design your toddler room with racing car theme and remain sure that your toddler will love it.

Design a toddler room with racing care theme is easy as well as cost-friendly. Paint the wall as like racing track having wheel lies on the side of the road and some more racing cars following a car that heading towards to winning flags (like a racing scenario). Buy a bed with racing car themed and buy some small racing toys and racing car accessories like wheel, helmet etc. and put them on the bed side or on the footboard.

Cartoon Theme

A cartoon theme bedroom is the most popular toddler room themes both for the boys and girls. To decorate the bedroom with cartoon theme, you must know the cartoon character your toddler like most.

Paint the wall with the color that best matches with the favorite cartoon character. Buy a bedcover and a blanket that displays the figure of the cartoon character. You can also buy a bed that also reflects the favorite cartoon character of your toddler. There are a lot of beds available now in the market that have the cartoon theme. Optionally you can buy some gear of his favorite cartoon character and put them on your toddler bedside or footboard or headboard.

Artistic Theme

When you find your toddler doing creative things or having interest in books and letters then you can design the toddler room with some artistic theme without any thinking. Believe me your toddler will love it!!

Pick a wall to leave it open and free and on the lower portion of that wall put a set a dry eraser board with some colored pencil. When you set the dry board on the wall please keep the height in mind. Putting a dry eraser board on the wall will encourage your toddler to draw whatever in his minds and also it will work as a place to hang up his artworks. Add a bookshelf having some alphabet books into it and some comics will grow his interests in books. Pick a set of stacking blocks and gear sets will increase his creativity as well as sharpen his brain. a cozy chair and a reading light can be the last additions to finish up the artistic design of your toddler bedroom.

Beautiful toddler bedroom is the perfect and fun way for parents to show to their children that how much they care and concern for them. But make sure before picking any theme for designing toddler bedroom, asks your toddler opinion to make the bedroom a heavenly place on the Earth.

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