To be honest buying the best toddler bed for your little one is not an easy job. But when you know the matrices or key factors to look after then it will not be so tough either. Keeping the difficulties or questions arise in mind, we find some important factors which must be considered. Following are the factors you should consider while buying the best bed for your toddler.


Safety is the first thing that comes to our mind while choosing a toddler bed. To keep the child safe and secure parents will do everything in their limit.

Falling out from bed is a common incident during toddler ship as they move a lot (doesn’t matter if they are asleep or awake) and need more space for play, bounce and jump. To prevent fallout from bed and to ensure the safety is the primary concern of every parents who wish to buy a toddler bed for their little angel. Followings are some key points that you must know before buying the bed for your toddler.

Guard Rails That Guards Your Child

Choose a bed that have the safety or guard rails on their edges. Because safety rails will prevent fall out from bed. If the bed doesn’t come with safety rails, you have to buy the rails separately and attach them with the bed.

Round and Plain Edges That Ensures The Safety

A bed with round and plain edges is safer and friendly to your child than that have rough edges. Make sure there are no rough edges and there are no parts on the edges that jut out. This will prevent your toddler to get jabbed by any sharp edges.

No Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes

Before you take the decision it will be smarter to check the paints and finishes to ensure that there are no non-toxic colors used for furnishing the bed. Because some paints have toxic chemicals that causes harmful or allergic reaction.

So while buying a toddler bed look for natural paint or finish instead of tempting colors which may have VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound). If you planning to paint the bed by yourself, pick dark or pastel colors that may help your child to get a sound sleep without having overly stimulated.

Consumer Safety Rating

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association in short JPMA sets the regulations of safety of toddler bed. Check the bed you choose for your little one have JPMA certification or not. You may also check the manufacturer guide of safety or others consumer experience with the bed.

If you want to know the more about safety standards, then you can check standards provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Perfect Bed for Perfect Age

When you take the decision to buy a bed for your baby, then first things come to your mind that you will buy a big bed because you don’t want to buy another when they grow up. But according to our bedding expert this is not a right approach. For buying the best bed for your little one, the first thing you should consider is age.

If your child is below two years old, then a baby cot is perfect for your baby. A toddler bed is perfect if your baby is more than two years old and when your baby is more than 3 years then a junior bed is perfect.

Construction and Design

To give the bed a good foundation, sturdy construction is must so that it can stand up to a few years of jumping and bouncing. The more the bed is sturdy, chances are less to replace after one having a lot of dance party on it. Though solid wood structure costs more but will give the toddler a better experience than any cheap materials. Following are few things you should check (in terms of construction and design) while buying a toddler bed.

Materials That Matters

A wood structure bed is much more sturdy than any other structures. But before buying one it’s an obvious duty to check the durability of the frame as well as the solidness.

But when you choose a bed of metal made then check the joints to make sure the screws are secure and tight. Having a pair of center leg with regular legs, adding extra strength to the construction and stability. So you can check if the bed has extra center legs or not.

Plastic made bed are also good and cheap. But before buying make sure that there is no toxic paint or harmful chemicals use to furnish the bed.

A Cozy Fit

Mattress and bed frame are the two best company for your child comfortness. So before buying a bed check the bed frame holds the mattress tightly or not. If not, then find a durable one that fits and you have to. Because gap between the mattress and frame causes entrapment hazard.

Well, you may think that a mattress will be bought after buying the bed frame. But here is the good news comes, you don’t have to buy a new mattress because most of the toddler bed fits crib mattress (if it condition’s good)

Enchanting Design

A bed designed with a favorite cartoon character or emblazoned with some tempting color may just allure your child for easy and handsome transition to toddler bed from crib. So it will be wiser and smarter to keep the child preferences or likings on your head while you are ready to take the decision of buying a bed.

Weight Limit

 Most of the toddler bed can weight up to 50 pounds and that means you can’t lay down or sit with your baby (that’s the reason why you will be prefer sturdiest bed frame). Check the manufacturer’s information or technical specification before buy one.


Try to find a bed that goes with your budget. However, it’s important to keep in mind that don’t let a cheaper price override the importance of safety and security.


Before you make the decision of buying bed, it’s obvious to check the warranty given by the manufacturers. Generally, most of manufacturer offers 90 days warranty on parts while others will have a full warranty up to a year.


To assemble a toddler bed is not an easier job but is not difficult either if you have the assembly manuals and required tools. Online assembly instructions given by the manufacturer will give you a clear concept of how to assemble the bed but it will be better to have an assistant   to make the assembly easier. Read online experiences of previous user to get a better idea before buying one.

Previous User Experiences

Manufacturer always tell you the good characteristics of their products, it’s natural. But it’s in your hand to choose the best product for your child. Read Online reviews and previous user experiences that will describe much about the product than manufacturer.  

Popular Brands

Yes, you have to consider the brand also. Because you just can’t buy a random bed for little loving children as it is matter of safety and comfort. Popular toddler bed brands are Dream On Me, Delta Children, Orbelle, DaVinci, Regalo, Kidkraft etc. Check the brand history and their product reviews online and then take the decision which brand you want to buy.

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