Looking for the most appealing and demanding interactive toddler bed for your little princess? Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed(officially known as Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed) can be the best choice for you for its unique and aesthetic design along with Minnie mouse and mickey mouse theming. This interactive bed manufactured by The Delta Children which is one of the leading child furniture manufacturer company and trusted by millions of parents.

In this review, first we will go through the key features, then justify the product by focusing three major factors (Safety, Design and Assembly) and finally pros and cons of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed.

Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed
Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed

Key Features  Of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed  

  1. Stunning Design with attractive colored graphics of Minnie Mouse Branding
  2. Have a bedtime checklist on the footboard with easy weeping facility
  3. A movable interactive clock on the footboard
  4. Specially designed for the female toddler

Features of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed

Interactive Footboard

Interactive FootBoard of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed
Interactive FootBoard of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed

A quote from an American Poet named William Ellery Channing says The home is the chief school of human virtues as following to  make your toddler punctual, well disciplined, it’s necessary to maintain a “before bed checklist” and a clock. The Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler bed will cooperate to make your princess punctual and well-disciplined as it has a before bed checklist and movable clock on the footboard. The before bed checklist on the footboard is easily maintainable by using dry-eraser.

Having a movable clock on the footboard is also a great kit for your toddler as it includes the date and time spinners, by which toddler can learn the days of the week and how to read a clock. So with the “before bed checklist” and movable clock present on the footboard make this bed different from others bed exists in the market 

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Disney Themed Colorful Graphics

Disney Themed Colorful Graphics makes the bed most eye-catching and alluring in the fields of toddler bed segments. This bed comes with two variations: One is Mickey Mouse themed and another is Minnie Mouse themed. Both the variations have its own identity and both are so tempting in colour and graphics that your toddler will easily fall in love with one of them. So to bring cheer and glee in the face of your little princess Delta Children’s colourful collection of Minnie Mouse’s is undoubtedly the best choice.

Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed Design
Beautiful Minnie Mouse Design


Design is important criteria while selecting a toddler bed and Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler bed will pass this criterion definitely.

Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler bed is simple and elegant in design with stunning colored graphics of Minnie Mouse Branding. Its irresistible and appealing pink color and design will magnetize your little princess.

Every edge of this bed so polished and flatty that you can’t even think of little injuries due to rough surfaces. Finishing of the curved parts are smooth and plain and will be very pleasant to touch for a toddler. As there is no sign of any kind of chips and hard textures presence in the body, so your little princess is as feel safe as in your arms.

Having colorful graphics with Minnie Mouse branding is not the least feature, it also has some attractive features that it will give you a very tough job to figure out similar kind of toddler bed in the field of toddler bed market. This bed comes with an easily erasable bedtime checklist and a movable clock having day and time spinner by which you can coach your toddler how to count day and time.


The Delta Children is always striving to enhance child safety through research, testing and design continuously as their motto says “Safety is the heart of everything we do”.

If you have a baby who is very adventurous at bedtime and might have a risk of falling injuries, this bed is perfect choice for her because the bed is very low to the ground which prevents fall injuries. Parents will also feel safe to think that their baby is using JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified product.

The Elevated sides of Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler bed ensure the safe and secure environment for your little princess to have a sound sleep. Having a sturdy and strong wood structure, toddler can play, bounce and jump as much as she wants.

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The bed is easy to assemble as it includes all its necessary hardware for assembly with it. And most importantly it comes with a details manual and assemble guide for which anyone can assemble it easily. The bed is also delivered in its original box and packaging is so good that there are no signs of abuse.All you need just a screwdriver to assemble it.


  • Stunning colored graphics with Mickey and Minnie Mouse branding
  • Accepts crib mattress
  • Highly durable as it has a sturdy and strong wood structure
  • JPMA Certified, so there is no compromise of safety issues
  • big enough, even four years child can also accommodate
  • Having a before bed checklist and movable clock makes it unique
  • Assembly is just a matter of minutes with a handy screwdriver
  • Very low to grounds that prevent fall injuries
  • Recommended age for using is 15+months


  • Little bit costly compared to other toddler bed present in the market
  • putting together may not be a matter of ease for some people
  • Recommend to use Stanley multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver while assembling

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler BEd

  • Is the crib mattress fit into this toddler bed?

  Answer: Yes, your previous crib will fit into this toddler bed.

  • Are the sides of the bed have the removal functionality?

Answer: Yes. You can check the videos from one of the user      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZKd0GELjF8

  • By which materials the bed is made of?

Answer: The bed is made of sturdy and solid hard wood

  • What tools are needed to assemble the bed?

Answer: The bed comes with all the hardware needs for assembly. All you need just a screwdriver. 

Technical Specification

  • Weight of the Item: 41.1 pounds
  • Dimension of the Product: 32.1 X 21.4 X 4.2 inches
  • Target Gender: Female
  • Portability: No.

The Minnie Mouse theming and color graphics with an attractive pink color, bedtime checklist and movable clock at the footboard makes the bed incomparable. If you are looking for an exclusive top quality bed to make a transition of your little one from crib to bed, this bed is undoubtedly the best one. Though the Delta Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed is a little bit costly but its colorful graphics with Minnie Mouse Theming makes the bed extraordinary. So if you can sacrifice the budget then you will get the most aesthetic and alluring bed for your pretty little princess and remain tension free as you already know your little princess will adore it much.

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