Let’s start with a famous saying, actually, it’s a Lao Tzu Quotes that is “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Look at your young toddler, your little angel is getting younger day by day and angles journey already started with one step by one step in a daily basis. And you may be thinking what should be the change your little angel need to adopt in their journey. For making your toddler journey cozier, a little cooperation from Orbelle is Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed.

Today in this article we will dissect the Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed features with some commonly asked questions and answers and at last end up with short summary with technical specifications.

Key Features Of Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

  • Comes with two side safety rails
  • Bed is set at preciously the right height.
  • Made of solid sturdy wood.
  • Designed so that toddler can easily get in and out safely.
  • Have a centre leg along with regular legs that will balance the load equally

Features of Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed


Every parents test the safety and security issues first while they are purchasing a toddler furniture. Keeping the previous line in mind Orbelle always manufactured their product maintaining all the security and safety standards.

To ensure the safety and security of toddler, safety or guard rails play a vital role. Because each of the child in this stage is an escape artist and they always want to play, bounce or jump from their bed. This Orbelle toddler bed comes with two side safety rails which will prevent to fall out from the bed. But while assembling this Orbelle bed, make sure to tighten the screw and also check the holes are aligned with the screw or not.

The bed is manufactured very low to the ground which provides get in and out functionalities easily as well as safely for the toddler. By construction the bed is made of solid sturdy wood which can take weight up to 60 pounds. Having a pair of legs in the centre along with regular legs will equally distribute the balance and make the bed sturdier as well as safer.

Orbelle toddler beds have good reputations of safety and maintaining safety standards. Unlike others Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed is also manufactured by maintaining all the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in short CPSM.

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High quality standards, safety and design is the main theme of Orbelle. So Orbelle beds are always comes with quality and innovative design and also with exclusive colours.

The edges of the Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed is round and flatty for that you can’t even think of a little injuries caused by the edges. Finishing of the curved parts are also smooth and plain and also there is no sign of any kinds of chips and hard textures present in the body.

Besides Finishing, a set of exciting and appealing colours also make the bed one of the best beds for toddler. The bed comes with 5 alluring and tempting colours, they are: White, Espresso, Natural, Pink, Dark Cherry. Chose the colour that best matches with the current colour scheme of your toddler bedroom and that your toddler will love much.

There are hardly any products in the world which only have the good qualities in it. Orbelle toddler bed also have some bad reputations due to its quality assurance team. The most common complaint is the mismatch of holes (screw holes) for which it lost its balance. Except the alignment of holes, it does not have any other complaints. You can read the user experience from this link.

Orbelle 3-6 T Toddler bed


Assembly of toddler bed is not a hard job if you have the manual and necessary tools. Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed is easy to assemble and only requires a screw driver. To assemble the bed here is some smart tips; first construct the safety rails then install the bed slats and finish by screwing the headboard and footboard.


  • Learning through playing, a sturdy wood material is provided so that no need to worry about safety when your younger is in a sports mood
  • Provided adequate height for easy movement
  • Maximum weight recommendation is 60 pounds
  • Both sides have safety rails ensuring their safety as they sleep
  • There is no piercing point or section in which your younger may get an injury
  • Orbelle toddler bed comes with various safety qualifications
  •  Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with all the necessary tools


  • Putting it together may take some time.
  • The screw holes might not line up sometimes

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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions                              : 53 X 30 X 26.5 inches
  • Center Support Legs               : Yes
  • Number of Support Leg         : 02
  • Guardrails Involved                 : Yes
  • Material type                             : Solid wood, cherry.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 35 pounds
  • Shipping weight                        : 20 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers : Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

  • Does this Orbelle bed fits crib’s mattress?

  Answer: Yes, the standard crib mattress will fit on the bed perfectly.

  • Are the side rails removable?

  Answer: No, Side rails are attached with the bed frame.

  • Does the paint of the bed have any smell?

  Answer: No, the paint used in the bed is smell and VOC free.

  • In which wood the bed is made of?

  Answer: The wood is New Zealand pine wood.

Having stunning colors and smooth finishes makes Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed incomparable and one of the best among the bests toddler bed. Its unique design and durable structure makes the bed more demanding and more acceptable to the parents. So, if you need a premium quality bed for your toddler, then this Orbelle toddler bed is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

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