Does your kid love Paw Patrol??

Does your kid imagine himself patrolling around the shoreside community or Adventure Bay with Ryder and his search and rescue team??

If yes, then think how happy your toddler (that’s the desire of every parents) would be when you will gift a Paw Patrol themed toddler bed as his lying place and playground.

Now you want to have a Paw Patrol themed toddler bed for your little ones but several questions arise in your mind?? Which one to buy plastic or wooden? Which brand is best for this type of bed in terms of safety and security?? And many more…

To fulfill your quest and to answer all the questions, we are presenting a review of Paw Patrol Toddler bed (Wooden ) manufactured by the Delta Children. In this review, we will analyze all the features of Paw Patrol Wooden Toddler Bed by Delta, also talk about the pros, cons and technical specifications the bed has.

So, let’s start..

Why Delta Children??

why we chose Delta Children as there are other toddler bed brands out there??

Is the review is sponsored or paid by Delta Children??

Well, these questions may come to your mind frequently. And as a reviewer it’s our responsibility to clear all the doubts your mind has.

Firstly, this is not a paid or sponsored review by Delta Children.

We chose Delta Children because they are entrusted by the millions of parents across the world for their stylish child product backed by quality, safety and reasonable prices. They start their journey in child furniture manufacturing business over 50 years ago and still they are incomparable. Delta Children believes every child needs a safe place to sleep and they make their belief into reality through their products.

Why Wooden? Why Not Plastic??

We choose wooden Paw Patrol toddler bed because of the safety parameters and sturdy architecture it has over the plastic Paw Patrol toddler bed. Wooden beds are sturdier than the plastic bed (common sense, right !!) and have no harmful chemicals or paints as most of the plastic beds have.

To ensure your little one’s safety and security, we chose the wooden Paw Patrol toddler bed.

Now we will analyze the features of this beautiful Paw Patrol Toddler bed, which will make you understand that the bed is worth for money or not.


Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Theme:

Nick Jr.  Paw Patrol Theme is the most attractive feature of this bed. The bed is shaped like a Paw Patrol search and rescue fire truck with images of Ryder and his search and rescue dogs in head side.

With colorful fire truck graphics and appealing red color turns the bed more adventurous to every Paw fan. The bed is crafted in such a way that brings an action-packed rescue adventure to your child’s room with Ryder, Marshal, Chase and Zuma.

Durable Construction:

Being made of sturdy pine wood, the Paw Patrol toddler bed is durable enough to hold your baby up to 50 pounds. Due to its durable architecture your baby can easily jump and play within the bed even if he/she more than weight capacity it can hold.

Guard Rails:

The elevated sides of the bed serve as a guardrail during sleep time and as well as day time. The high sides give them the independence they crave for and less chances to fall from the bed. You can sleep well with that belief that your child is safe at night and no chances of fall injury during the sleep time.

Safe and Plain Finishes:

Like other themed bed this Paw Patrol bed is also featured with vivid color and graphics. As toddlers chew or mouth everything they get, you will be happy to know that there is no use of harmful chemical or paint in this paid.

Each and every edge of the bed is furnished so smoothly that there are no chances of jabbed out or injuries. Curves are also plain and well furnished.

JPMA Certification:

JPMA certification incorporates the CPSC and ASTM standards and as this bed is JPMA certified, you can easily rely on this bed. You kid will be safe like as he/she remains in your arms.

JPMA certificates also indicates that the manufacturer maintains all the safety and security standards while manufacturing this bed.


Assembly of toddler is not an easy job for you if you never have an experienced before. But if you had, then it’s a half an hour or sometimes less than half an hour job.

For the first time parents, it’s bit difficult but not a rocket science. Everything is well written in the guideline; just follow guideline and we are pretty sure that you will take not more than 40-45 minute to assemble it.

What else I do if I can’t manage the assembly??

Don’t worry!!!

The Paw Patrol toddler bed has 90 days labor warranty. So, call a technician, install the bed, Delta Children will take care the technician payment.


As discussed before the product has 2 types of warranty; parts and labor warranty. Both the parts and labor warranty are for 90 days.

So, you can easily change any parts that are damaged due to transportation (though it’s rare case) by using the parts warranty.


The shipping package includes nothing special without the tools of assembly. You can find a assemble manual and assembly tools(screws) with the package.


  • Weight of the Item: 40 pounds
  • Dimension of Product: 54.5 x29.9 x 18.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 42.8 pounds
  • Weight Capacity:  50 pounds
  • Frame Materials: Solid Wood
  • Wood Species: Pine
  • Dimension After Assembly: 54.53 L x 29.92 W x 18.90 H Inches


  • Elevated side rails ensure the little one’s safety while transitioning to big kid bed
  • Made of strong and sturdy pine wood
  • Very low to the grounds which prevent fall injuries
  • Fits the existing crib mattress which saves penny
  • Safe and durable finish
  • Ease of assembly


  • Sometimes rails and edges smell bad due to paint or color

Where Can You Find The Paw Patrol Wooden Toddler Bed??

Paw Patrol Wooden Toddler Bed is sold in most of the retail and wholesale kids and baby stuff shops. However, I’ll highly encourage you to get this from the Amazon. With Amazon, you’ll get free shipping too. Also, I have found that the product is sold pretty cheaply there.

If you want to check out the latest price at Amazon, click here.

Maintenance Tips For Paw Patrol Wooden Toddler Bed

There are no such special maintenance tips for this bed. Maintain the bed like other typical wood made bed. Maintenance tips includes:

  • Set the bed 5 inches away from wall.
  • The less water or liquid you pour onto it, the more the bed will last.

Final Words

So, after many hours of research this is my detail review of Paw Patrol Wooden Toddler bed. Hope you will get a better understanding of the features the bed has to offer and as well as the specifications.

If you are searching for a bed for your Paw Patrol lover toddler, this toddler bed can be a great choice in terms of budget, safety and security. If you want to check the price in Amazon, click here

Trust me, you won’t regret getting this bed.