The most common and buzz topics of debate among parents is which bed should I buy ?? Toddler bed or twin bed??

Today we are going to discuss about this topics and hope this will help a lot to take the decision of buying a bed for your kids.

Here is a infographic for you…

In order to get a better an understanding which bed size is perfect for your child, it will be nice to know the size and measurements of each types of bed. The following chart can help you to determine which size will be the best for your child.

BedMeasurements(cm)Age Range
Toddler Bed68.58 X 132.081 years to 4 years
Twin Bed99.06 X 190.54 years to 18 years

Switching from Crib to Toddler Bed


  • Old crib mattress fits! This obviously save the money.
  • Generally, toddler bed is smaller than twin bed. So if you are limited on space, toddler bed is the thing you are looking for.
  • Toddler bed comes with built in rails. So no need to buy rails separately (save money also)
  • Less costly than twin bed


  • After a period of time (after kid’s 4 years) you will have to buy a twin bed.

Switching from Crib to Twin Bed


  • You can fit on the bed for story time or snuggles!
  • Enough room on the bed to play, jump and bounce


  • Doesn’t comes with rails. So have to buy separately. (Costs money)
  • The crib mattress does not fit. This means spending more money upfront.
  • Have larger frame than toddler bed. As a result, it consumes most of the spaces in the bed room.
  • Costly than toddler bed.

In terms of comfort, coziness and smoother transition toddler bed would be the best choices over twin beds. So before taking the decision to buy, think about your need, ability and above all think about child likings and comfortness for whom you are buying.

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